The Shulamit Nazarian Foundation supports artists building cultural bridges between the Middle East & the West through contemporary art.
We believe that art is transformational. It moves us to open spaces of dialogue between cultures. We believe that art can lead us away from the binary us/them.

It reminds us of what we share with each other. What is common to all humans.

The Shulamit Nazarian Foundation supports the rich and varied practices of artists from the Middle East and its diaspora. The Foundation nurtures projects that utilize the language of contemporary art to reveal relevant and striking observations through ambitious artworks and exhibitions.

Based in Los Angeles, the Shulamit Nazarian Foundation is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization that situates artists and their ideas at the heart of its mission. Established by philanthropist Shulamit Nazarian, the organization defines the geography of the Middle East broadly as the central node that links North Africa and West Asia.

We believe that artists have the ability to tap into a deeper part of ourselves and expose truths that can help us become better neighbors, better citizens, and better people. Artists absorb the culture they are immersed in, and can translate, reframe, and bring to light the common threads that link individuals and society.